FilmEar Episode 24: Favorites of 2016

In 2016 the Voice reigned supreme in my choices for favorite scores, wither in TV’s Game of Thrones, the Irish band film Sing Street, or musicals both live action (La La Land) or animated (Moana).  That’s not to say there weren’t any scores without them that I didn’t like (just check out John Williams’ The BFG), it’s just that the human voice played a role in most of my favorites.  I play clips and we hear from composers that made my list last year like Michael Giacchino and the wizard Danny Elfman!  We also have a few new comers that I hope to hear from in the future.  All in all it was another good year for scores with an array of films from Arrival to Swiss Army Man, so sit back and listen to my favorites from last year… the year that many of us wanted to forget.

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FilmEar Episode 23: Rogue One – A Star Wars Podcast

Spoiler Warning! To commemorate the release of Rogue One on Blu-Ray and DVD join Natrebo, Chris and first timer Crystal as we run down the movie and our thoughts on this Star Wars Story.  Although there are a few tangents into talk of Transformer trailers and dinning theaters we do “stay on target” for the most part and fill the episode with Star Wars goodness.  Weather you love the film, or hate the film you will find a good time hearing us talk about Michael Giacchino’s score, what the loss of the crawl means to us and whether we will see the Rogue One crew again in the sequel Rogue One: Part 2 – Ghost Wars!

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FilmEar Episode 22: From Deadpool to Doctor Strange – 2016 in Superheroes!

Holy Podcast Batman!  Jason Beghtol is back and we rundown the Superhero films of 2016 with score clips, so join us in discussions of Deadpool (Junky XL), Batman v Superman (Hans Zimmer & Junky XL), Civil War (Henry Jackman), X-Men Apocalypse (John Ottman), Suicide Squad (Steven Price) & Doctor Strange (Michael Giacchino).  We weave in and out of the films like Batman taking down a warehouse of bad guys and then end with a quick rundown of the superhero films to come in 2017 – All this while playing clips from all the scores, so sit back and relax as we put on our capes and wax super for you.

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FilmEar Episode 4: E2 – Rise Of The Ernesto

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves a FilmEar retrospective of the Terminator and Mission: Impossible franchises.

With the release of new entries into both series this year we discuss each film and it’s music with Ernesto as guest – dipping our toes into the TV series of both as well.  We talk about how great Danny Elfman is (having scores in both) and play clips from all ten films.  The contributions of Brad Fiedel , Michael Giacchino, Marco Beltrami, Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe and Joe Kraemer are also discussed.

We then move onto a couple of new score releases including Henry Jackman’s “Pixels,” Philip Glass and Marco Beltrami’s “Fantastic Four”, Danny Elfman’s “The End of the Tour,” the groovy Daniel Pemberton score for “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and the delightfully eclectic soundtrack for the “Attack On Titan” movie by Shiro Sagisu.  So join Natrebo, Justin and Ernesto as we jump through time and take on Double Agents in this exciting installment of FilmEar!

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FilmEar Episode 0: Farewell James Horner

Join me, Natrebo on the inaugural episode of the FilmEar podcast as we kick the tires, say goodbye to a legend and flip through the summer movie scores that caught my ear.  James Horner, JunkieXL, Michael Giacchino and others are discussed.  Joining us is my producer extraordinaire Justin and our special guest Christopher!  FilmEar has started… don’t panic!

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