FilmEar Episode 3: Ernesto Reloaded (Echo)

This week listen to a FilmEar Echo edition of the Podcast as Ernesto sits in with Natrebo and Justin for the second time.  (Our audio is a little off in this episode!)  We discuss Christophe Beck, John Williams, orchestration techniques,  the lack of musical unity in the Marvel MCU films and Trailers (can you spot the brain fart as I mix up Jeff and John Beal?)

Oddly enough we have a lot to say about Ant-Man that we had yet to see at the time (see FilmEar 2: Murphy’s Law for more on that film)  We dive into the movies and soundtracks of Guillermo Del Toro and famous Director/Composer team-ups!  We end with a round of the Stump-The-gNat game and my look at Patrick Doyle’s Cinderella score.  Whether you pop the blue or the red pill we will be waiting for you on the other side with discussions of these subjects and more.

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