FilmEar 6: Three Boobs Talk Tube with Nic Returning

Join me Natrebo, Justin and Nic as we dive into the world of TV and discuss the Emmy nominations in the music categories.  We discover great music from Abel Korzeniowski  (Penny Dreadful), Jeff Beal (House of Cards & The Dovekeepers), Maurizio Malagnini (The Paradise) and the surprisingly great music from Chef’s Table by Duncan Thum.

We sing through Alan Menken’s Galavant and find great things in Orphan Black (Amon Tobin & Trevor Yuile), Wolf Hall (Debbie Wiseman) and genre TV programming.  Then we find a Boomerang in our Didgeridoos  as we offend every nationality possible through terrible accents and worse impressions.

Laughs abound  as we fall completely apart at the end but we do learn that Wolfman indeed has nards!  The Boob Tube, the name Bruce Broughton and Hilarity awaits on this episode of FilmEar.

Contact me @filmears (with an s) on twitter and if you have any questions, corrections, comments, or insults – remember to keep them funny and STICK IT IN YOUR EAR!


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