FilmEar Episode 8: Back to 1985

The big adventure begins on this bracket busting episode of FilmEar as Natrebo and Justin take 64+ of the biggest movies and scores of 1985 and make them duke it out to crown a supreme winner.

We have 2 Stallone sequels in the Rocky and Rambo franchises fighting for supremacy over films with scores composed by the likes of Alan Silvestri (apologies), Henry Mancini, James Horner and Bruce Broughton (just to name a few).  Spielberg and Woody Allen go purple as we discuss about the dark kid bombs of Return To Oz, Santa Clause: The Movie and The Black Cauldron.  Of course we bring up the work of Jerry Goldsmith and Danny Elfman – I know you are but what am I.

The bounty of comedy scores and films are never ending in 1985 as we talk about everything from Real Genius, Weird Science, and Brewster’s Millions to Clue, The Breakfast Club and Better Off Dead.  We even argue the merits of Fletch and play clips in this cocoon wrapped Thunderdomed sized episode of FilmEar.  So throttle it up to 88 MPH and Wolf Out with Freddy, Jason, Big Bird, the Care Bears and so much more!

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