FilmEar Episode 28: Thomas Little the Classical Nerd Interview

THOMAS LITTLE / The Classical Nerd

On a new episode of the FilmEar podcast, I welcome composer and YouTube educator Thomas Little – also known as The Classical Nerd. Through his YouTube videos, he tells of the lives and works of many well-known and obscure composers of classical music. In his videos, he also teaches classical composing techniques and terms while sometimes including his own music as examples (see his series writing a piece for the Eighth Blackbird ensemble). On the podcast, we talk about his life of music, from composing and performing to the state of modern concert music today, and even his short film scoring assignments. So join me and Thomas on this journey and nerd out as we discuss the many facets of composing and classical music. Oh and yes we even find time for some good old John Williams worship along the way. You can find Thomas’ videos on his YouTube channel here (or click on his image above), and find out more about him and his composing at this website

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