FilmEar Episode 9: Electric Dan-Man vs. Bane

We trip the life electrical on this episode of FilmEar and welcome a new guest, Dan to the podcast and learn of his love of dance music, MTV in the 90s and the world of Tron.

We are joined by past guest Chris and interrupted by the new extra-special guest, Bane who has escaped the darkness to pester Dan, Justin and I as we barrel on.  Later, I, your humble host Natrebo quickly zooms through the history of electronic instruments and their uses in the history of cinema.  From the Theremin to Sequencers, Forbidden Planet to Tron: Legacy and beyond we fly this ship called FilmEar in, out and through the electric haze of this strangest of episodes.

So sit back, grab your Identity Disc and power-up your lightcycle and let the music of Daft Punk, Wendy Carlos, Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis and others send you through the computer!

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