FilmEar Episode 7: Enter the Net with Justin

This time on FilmEar I, Natrebo, interview Justin about his musical journey, but before that we dive head first into the Internet to find great YouTube film music covers and interesting podcasts.  Ant-Man once again raises it’s tiny head to bring us Christophe Beck and his daughter’s performance of the theme.

We walk with the dead and listen to Sonya Belousova of Player Piano take on Bear McCreary’s Walking Dead theme, the Piano Guys takes us on a Batman journey from Danny Elfman to Hans Zimmer, Corey Vidal sings of his love of Star Wars using John William’s themes from his other famous scores and we listen to Tom Grosset drum along to Zimmer’s Man Of Steel.

After that I discuss a few Podcasts that I’m loving right now…  Rebel Force Radio’s great survey by David Collins of William’s music for a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars Oxygen is mentioned as well as Eban Schletter’s scoring live to Paul F. Tomkins’ Improv on Spontaneanation and I even try to get Justin into Modern classical music with Public Radio’s Meet The Composer with Nadia Sirota where we play clips featuring composers Caroline Shaw and Andrew Norman.

We finish the connection with me interviewing Justin and we learn about his early encounters with music and where he is at right now.  It’s just Natrebo and Justin on this Web filled episode of FilmEar!

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